The photos of this elusive little jewel of a bird too many years to compile, and you’ll never see anything like them.

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The Skinny On…

Articles about the science behind everyday curiosities, first featured on

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Finding Your Inner Viking: An Introduction to Iceland’s Quirky Customs

I started wondering about the Icelandic temperament when Einar Gustavsson advised me to eat trout smoked in burning horse manure. As a tourism official whose job is to convince Americans to visit Iceland, he did not tell me about the rotten duck eggs, or “hard-fish.” But he couldn’t restrain himself on the subject of the smoked fish.

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Mad, Mad, Madagascar

If candles had been on the menu, I would have ordered a couple. But the waiter brought them anyway, and I was grateful for their feeble effect in the dark envelope of my room. Madagascar had shown me enough beautiful and sad things for one day.

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Clubbing in Zolotitsa: a Junket

Sometimes a tour-operator with a new itinerary tests it out on writers. If the writers come back alive, that’s a good start. If they write nice things about trip, then you’re cooking. In the early 1990s, Escape Magazine (RIP) sent me on a junket to Russia’s White Sea, where some good-hearted folks were trying to convert the local economy from seal-clubbing to seal-watching. I wrote up this report for Escape, but I guess the editors considered the prospects for the tour package to be unpromising. The story never saw the light of day. I imagine the men of Zolotitsa continue to bash white seal pups on the head to this day.

Chorlotte, a German journalist, didn’t speak much English, but when she mustered the courage, it was worth listening. A solid, fifty-something woman, she stood in the silver arctic light of what passed for the kitchen of our guest-house, brushing her teeth with suspicious water dipped from a dented bucket. Charlotte leaned over the sink, which emptied into the unspeakable three-hole loo downstairs, spat carefully, and raised her chin.

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